IT Bootcamp for Singaporean Seniors and Young People

More than 420 seniors registered for Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore’s (IDA)six-day Intergenerational IT Bootcamp, starting March 16, and taking place at 13 schools. Grandchildren of participants and other youth volunteers between ages 10 and 16 assisted seniors in learning ICT so that they can better communicate with their families and friends.

The programme, in partnership with the People’s Association (PA) and various schools, is part of IDA’s Silver Infocomm Initiative (SII), aimed at including more seniors in ICT. It includes workshops in English and Mandarin on key digital skills like using a computer and the internet, eHealth, and online safety. This program is also an important intergenerational bonding experience.

The programme has been a quantified success since it began in 2010; more than 100 bootcamps in 62 schools have taught more than 2,000 seniors ICT skills. The Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) recognized the programme’s achievements, awarding it the International Innovation Award for ‘Innovations in Citizen Engagement and Dialogue’ in 2012. Schools and senior citizens have also praised the programme.

Source: Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore