Avanti Communications Provides ICT Infrastructure and eLearning in Tanzania

Avanti Communications will provide ICT infrastructure and eLearning programmes for Tanzanian teachers through the iKnowledge programme, as part of a contract with the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Space Programme. The communications company is a prime candidate for the contract, given that they provide 27% of the world’s internet service in 118 countries.

This initiative will provide ICT infrastructure to 250 rural schools in the country as well as training for teachers on ICT and eLearning. The project, in partnership with Camara Education Tanzania and Infinity Africa Network Ltd., will employ Ka-band satellite technology over the course of a year. iKnowledge will focus on long term sustainability to enhance digital literacy as well as more effective delivery of the country’s core curriculum through ICT.

Camara’s Senior Education Specialist, Keith Magee, said, “Camara Education is excited to be part of the partnership to bring iKnowledge to Tanzanian schools. Camara’s considerable experience in supporting Tanzanian schools in embracing ICT through appropriate training and delivery of educational technology will strengthen the partnership. Together we will ensure the measurable outcomes of iKnowledge on the teaching community and broader community around these schools will have a meaningful and long lasting impact for all.”

Avanti’s COO, Matthew O’Connor said, “Avanti is delighted to be awarded IPSP funding for the provision of crucial ICT infrastructure and training resources to Tanzanian teachers. Powered by Avanti’s leading satellite technology, a sustainable education platform like iKnowledge can create a long-lasting positive ripple effect into thousands of communities in Africa. Our experience in delivering impactful education programmes at scale to the continent is further cemented with this unique partnership.”

The UK Space Agency’s Chief Executive, Dr. David Parker, is also enthusiastic about the partnership, seeing it as an opportunity to grow his country’s space sector as well as provide social and economic benefits abroad.

Source: Avanti Communications Group plc