More Than 7,000 Ghanaian Youth Learn ICT

Soul Food Information Communication Technology College, part of Soul Food Ministries International, has taught ICT skills to 7,150 young people in the past five years. The training problem, called “Free For All,” has held 15 graduation ceremonies since it began, the last of which included 635 students. Participants learn “Linux SLED, Novel Network, Hardware, Networking and Cisco certified Network,” among other programmes. Soul Food recently added Network and Information Security as a new, free course.

Though a church offers the training, under the direction of Pastor Lesta, the courses contain no religious content. The main goal is to increase participants’ prospects for employment and enable them to be entrepreneurs if they so choose. They also aim to keep young people from turning to criminal activity. Funding for the institute comes from the government, philanthropic and ICT organizations, though Pastor Lesta mentions that more funding would be beneficial for increasing their operations.

Source: Spy Multimedia Limited Initiative