Digital Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in Zambia

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The Zambia Information Communication Technology (ZICTA) promotes the inclusion of persons with disabilities in ICT in a variety of ways. First, the ICT code of conduct for Service Providers and Consumer Protection Guidelines includes article 9 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, an agreement to which Zambia is a signatory. ZICTA also included measures to monitor ICT customer service and service providers’ adherence to legislation regarding access for persons with disabilities in its 2015 Action Plan.

ZICTA recognizes the need for further policy development to more holistically address the needs of persons with disabilities with regards to ICT. In an effort to improve their regulations, they held a workshop on ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities aimed at the following participants: government, organizations for persons with disabilities, service providers, regulatory agencies, manufacturers, software developers, companies, researchers and other organizations. They plan to hold similar workshops annually. The agency also cooperates with the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication to address further policy gaps.

Finally, ZICTA promotes awareness about the challenges of digital inclusion for persons with disabilities and other mainstreaming efforts in conjunction with media and organizations that work with persons with disabilities.

Source: Zambia Daily Mail