ITU Celebrates Annual ‘International Girls in ICT Day’

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The International Telecommunication Union and the global technology community recently celebrated ‘International Girls in ICT Day’ 2015 to inspire women around the world to pursue studies and careers in the field of ICT. This initiative began in 2010 in response to predicted shortfall of two million ICT jobs in upcoming years and the fact that only 20% of tertiary ICT students are female.

“A career in ICT allows girls to use their creativity, work in international environments, and participate in shaping our future,” said ICT Secretary-General Houlin Zhao. Given that 95% of jobs contain digital responsibilities, ensuring girls are included in ICT Is essential.

Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau, Brahima Sanou, said, “I invite national governments to consider integrating basic coding skills into their national education curricula, alongside basics like reading, writing and arithmetic. Girls and young women who learn coding, apps development and computer science will have powerful tools at their disposal to drive economic prosperity for themselves, and overall socio-economic development for their communities.”

Since its launch five years ago, over 140 countries have celebrated 3,500 International Girls in ICT Day events with 111,000 girls.

Companies particularly active in sponsoring celebrations include Cisco, which organized events in more than 50 countries, for more than 3,000 girls, as well as Microsoft, which this year, as part of Milan’s World Expo, launched the annual Pink Cloud Girls in ICT Day event.

Source: UN News Centre