MTN South Africa Supports ICT Entrepreneurs

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MTN Business holds local supplier development of the utmost importance as part of their efforts to “make a more tangible impact on the economy.” Through their long-term supplier development programme, they seek to address “poverty alleviation and real empowerment by creating a new class of young, black entrepreneurs,” says Alpheus Mangale, the Chief Enterprise Officer of MTN Business. Mr. Mangale recognizes the unique position of MTN Business in addressing these and other goals specified in the National Development Plan.

As part of this programme, in partnership with New Generation Mindset, MTN Business will train and mentor 60 small ICT businesses, with a focus on those in remote areas, over three years. “Our long-term objective is to develop these entrepreneurs into providers of ICT services of the highest order. Whether they’re serving the consumer market or SME sector, they will in effect be helping to differentiate MTN through the delivery of key technology solutions,” Mr. Mangale says.

Criteria for participation are as follows: businesses must be owned by black youth with some post-school training, be part of the ICT sector, and preferably in operation for 1-2 years.

Source: IT News Africa