Young Innovators Recognized at 2015 World Founder Forum invests in student entrepreneurs. Between June 14 and 17, the company will present “its future innovators at the 2015 World Founder Forum” in Stockholm at KTH Innovation, part of the Royal Institute of Technology. This event includes participants from universities around the world who collaborate to solve problems the world faces. Participants receive year-long training and mentoring, as well as grants from between $10,000 and $100,000. They also participate in three-day forums throughout their experience.

Head of the Department at KTCH Innovation, Lisa Ericcson says, “The 8D Company Building Program in combination with the quarterly meetups and a highly reputed network gives our startups the opportunity to connect, collaborate and develop in an international context raising their chances of succeeding on worldwide. In our global world, an international focus from day one is critical to success, and is what makes extremely valuable for these young teams.”

Some previous participating teams include Volumental, a 3-D scanning software company and Konux, which creates sensors. The Co-Founder and CEO of Volumental, Caroline Walerud, says, “We’ve been inspired by the possibility to share experiences with and learn from the many passionate entrepreneurs in the program, and of course the very helpful and knowledgeable people working with The other entrepreneurs in the program have been great for bouncing ideas with and especially for opening doors to customers and partners in new markets. Having access to a global network of entrepreneurs has been amazing and is something we will continue leveraging for a long time.”