Uganda Demonstrates Commitment to ICTs for Education for Persons with Disabilities

The Uganda Technology and Management University (Utamu), UNESCO, and UNICEF have partnered to help students with disabilities use ICT to learn. The organizations will hold training sessions for “teachers, institution managers, government institutions and publishing companies, developers of learning material and ICT professionals.”

Over the next two years, UNESCO, in collaboration with Utamu, is evaluating whether ICT education throughout the country is accessible to persons with disabilities.

Dr. Rehema Baguma, director of academic affairs at Utamu, says “Utamu would provide policy and guidelines for inclusive use of ICT and the policies will compel [professionals] to use ICT when teaching those with visual and hearing disabilities.” Given that there are approximately 2.3 million people with visual and hearing disabilities in the country, this will clearly make a significant positive impact on the country.

Source: Justus Lyatuu, the Observer, Distributed by AllAfrica