Bangladesh Bolsters Women’s Employment in ICT

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Bangladesh’s ICT sector is a $300 million industry, and shows great potential in terms of furthering the country’s development. In order to achieve its 2021 goal of achieving “middle income status” the country will need to include more females in the workforce, particularly in growing fields like ICT. The World Bank estimates that if the percentage of females in the workforce rises by 48.3% to the male participation rate of 82%, GDP will grow by 1.6%.

In response to this potential, the World Bank and Microsoft organized “Innovation for Impact, ” a workshop to help NGOs create ICT jobs, developing skills, and fostering entrepreneurship, particularly for women. The workshop also involved instruction on finding free or cheap IT resources, understanding the ICT sector, and employing ICT-based monitoring and evaluation practices.

Dr. Annannya Raihan, the Chief Executive of the Bangladeshi DNet and one of the workshop’s partners sees positive change already occurring in this regard. ” A paradigm shift towards social enterprise can generate income, reduce donor dependency and make an organization self-sustainable. Many good examples already exist in Bangladesh.”

This initiative extends beyond the workshop. Partners from the private sector, NGOs, and governments will continue to share experiences and provide virtual support to participating NGOs. This will be further complemented by World Bank and Microsoft sponsored coding competitions and training workshops in Bangladesh and nearby countries.

Source: World Bank