Intel Drives Digital Literacy in Nigeria

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Intel’s “She Will Connect” program provides digital literacy training girls and women for socioeconomic empowerment. Intel Nigeria will now carry out this program in the country.

Babatunde Akinola, Corporate Affairs Manager at Intel, notes that this training will be gender relevant and involve online peer networks as an integral component.

Intel West Africa’s Managing Director, Olumbunmi Ekundare recognizes the importance of ICTs for female empowerment on the continent. “Technology and access to the internet is essential to women’s empowerment across the continent, and it is key to overcoming barriers such as poverty, illiteracy and discrimination,” he says.

He mentions an Intel report that found the gender gap in ICT usage to be up to 25% in the developing world.

Ekundare says, “At Intel Nigeria, we believe that encouraging girls will help to bring out the best in schools and use the opportunity to build a world where youths are inspired to be advocates for change.”

Source: Toyin Olasinde, The Guardian Nigeria, Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media