ICT Infrastructure Investment Needed in Lebanon

Lebanon is fast developing a “technology ecosystem.” According to the World Bank, investment in ICT infrastructure (as well as in electrical infrastructure and other areas) in Lebanon can help combat unemployment and poverty in the country. In particular, this will help young people find jobs.

Creating jobs and social protection are top goals for the country, according to the World Bank. Governments have tried to fulfill these goals, but without complete success in many cases. In particular, high unemployment has contributed to growing poverty in the country.

The World Bank considers formal job creation in the private sector to be one of the best options for the country. This requires investing in electrical and ICT infrastructure and can potentially create jobs in renewable energy, e-banking, e-health, and other new services. They also recommend targeting agricultural growth.

Finally, the World Bank recommends improving the quality of education in the country to further address youth unemployment and alleviate poverty in the country.

Source: The Daily Star