A Coding Career in Just Three Months

Image source: http://flatironschool.com/images/logo.png

Image source: http://flatironschool.com/images/logo.png

The Flatiron school, opened in 2012, is a three-month coding school that has a 98% rate of job placement within three months, earning participants average starting salaries of $75,000. The company has programs both for adults and for kids and young people.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, the company’s COO, Kristi Riordan, discusses the keys to its success.

She says the company focuses on providing learners with the most important skills for the job market, claiming that the course teaches them everything they need to know in 12 weeks, rather than them having to go back to college for another four-year degree. The total learning time is about 750-850 hours within the 12 weeks, so it is certainly not for the unmotivated, but given its high rate of success the work seems worth it.

The company’s focus on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment also helps. “We oftentimes talk about building a class, and admitting a class, rather than individual students” Kristi says.

This encourages diversity of gender, race, ethnicity and also background. “Many of our students have completely different backgrounds. Not just from a place like investment banking, but we’ve had former professional baseball players, we’ve had a lot of musicians and artists, people who have come out of a lot of different careers.”

Students’ backgrounds often help them secure tech jobs related to what they are most passionate about. “That diversity of perspective is important because it changes the way in which teams are able to collaborate and how software engineers understand the underlying product of the business and the customers that they’re trying to sell to.”

Finally, Flatiron’s mission drives its operations, which Kristi sees as a positive trend in the corporate world today. “Young professionals are much more mindful of having a purpose-driven career,” she says. Because of their rapid growth, learners and employees at Flatiron can continue to feel inspired that they are contributing not only to commercial growth, but also a substantive mission and purpose.

Source: Renny McPherson, Huffington Post Blog