Innovation Challenge on Technology for Seniors

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In response to the 605 million increase in the population of citizens 60 and older since 2000, IBM and HealthXL are responding to the challenges posed in caring for an aging population in Australia.

There is a particular need for such innovation in Australia, given that 23% of its citizens will be over 65 in 2041.

In order to help continue the trend towards a more independent, active and healthy senior population, these two companies will host a competition in Melbourne on digital health solutions for the elderly. Contestants should address “aged care challenges such as social isolation and loneliness, malnutrition and dementia/Alzheimer’s care.”

Winners of the competition will present their ideas in Munich in September 2015 at the HealthXL Global Gathering.

For more information on these and related challenges in Australia, see Companies and Markets’ Aged Care Market Report.

Source: Amy Sandys, Companies and Markets