Ofcom Consultation on EPG Accessibility for People with Visual Impairments

Image source: http://styles.ofcom.org.uk/images/ofcom.gif

Image source: http://styles.ofcom.org.uk/images/ofcom.gif

Ofcom hopes to improve the accessibility of electronic programme guides (EPGs), given the difficulty people with visual impairments currently have using many of them. They are holding a consultation until 30 September, 2015 on EPG accessibility for people with visual impairments in response to this issue.

They recently published their proposals for this consultation. Suggestions come from current features of some EPGs, including high-contrast displays, text magnification features, and options to have programme information read aloud.

The Ofcom consultation has been published as a screen-reader friendly PDF, as well as in MP3 format. Respondents may provide feedback online, by e-mail, by mail, or by phone (020 7981 3725).

For more information on this consultation please visit Ofcom’s website.

Source: Ofcom