Annual mBillionth Awards for Apps to Help Women, Youth, and Persons with Disabilities

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The mBillionth Awards are annual awards for mobile applications in South Asia. The Digital Empowerment Foundation set the jury of industry, media, government, and academic professionals to decide on 24 winners in 10 categories, among the 320 nominees from five countries.

Three of the categories were education and learning, social inclusion, and development for women and children.

The winners for the education and learning category were LokSewa Nepal,, and Smartur 3D. The first is an app that helps figure out if government schools in Nepal comply with the country’s Right to Education Act. offers free online education for disadvantaged children in Bangladesh and India. Finally, Smartur 3D delivers experiential learning through 3D technology.

Web Accessibility Checker and Sightica  won awards for social inclusion for persons with disabilities. Web Accessibility Checker checks that websites are accessible for persons with disabilities using “more than 100 automated tests,” while Sightica helps users find eye donors.

Finally, the two award-winners in the category of development for women and children were Maya Apa  and UST Global. Maya Apa is a Bangladeshi app that connects women with doctors, lawyers, and psychologists for advice on various issues. UST helps women and children alert the police in case of danger.

Source: Madanmohan Rao, YourStory Media Private Limited