First Sunshine Coat Startup Weekend for Youth

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Australia’s first Startup Weekend Youth Sunshine Coast will take place between August 21 and 23. The weekend will be filled with hands-on activities to teach participants from South East Queensland, in years 10 to 12, business skills. This includes the basics of the lean startup methodology.

Activities include pitching ideas, defining customer bases, and creating business models, among others, guided by local business mentors.

Startup Weekends have taken place over the world, but this is the first in Oceania.

Graeme Breen, who organized the event says, “Technology is disrupting all industries, and tech skills are going to be needed in every workplace,” Breen said. “We know from a recent Deloitte report that Australia will need an additional 100,000 ICT workers by 2020 and we’re seeing a renewed focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics in schools.

“But as future workers our students are going to need a broad set of skills, including critical thinking, problem solving and the ability to work collaboratively. Startup Weekend Youth is a natural extension to their studies in STEM: it’s designed to show young people how that knowledge can be applied in the workplace, and to raise awareness about the types of careers they might want to pursue.”

The event culminates with a Sunday afternoon pitch contest with prizes such as internships and mentoring opportunities in the area.

The event will be held at the Institute of Professional Learning at the University of the Sunshine Coast and costs $50.

Further information and ticketing information can be found here.

Source: Iain Curry, Sunshine Coast Daily, Sunshine Coast Newspaper Company Pty Ltd.