New Digital Strategic Plan for Thailand Includes Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Thailand will spend the next 6 months developing a new Digital Economy Strategic Plan under the Digital Economy Committee, led by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

The plan, intended to replace the current ICT master plan, contains the following five sections: “hard infrastructure, soft infrastructure, service infrastructure, digital economy promotion, and digital society.”

The hard infrastructure schemes include, for example, a National Broadband Scheme, requiring tasks such as consolidating data centers and expanding the government’s information network.

Regarding soft infrastructure, the government must write eight bills such as the “National Cyber Security Bill” and the “Digital Economy Bill.”

Service infrastructure involves initiatives such as e-government and e-trade projects, among others.

Digital economy promotion focuses on creating ICT jobs and increasing Thailand’s competitiveness in the global technology industry.

Finally, the digital society section incorporates digital inclusion, specifically “digital accessibility for the disabled, the elderly, and disadvantaged people,” and creates a national digital library.

Such a plan will be an important step in advancing Thailand’s information society.

Source: Asina Pornwasin, The Nation