Women in IT Increasing in New Zealand

The number of women in technology in New Zealand has increased 2% since 2013, bringing the number to 21% of total IT employment according to Absolute IT.

While this is an improvement, 79% of the IT workforce is still male and the pay gap in the sector remains in the country. Women tend to earn 7.2% less than men in technology, compared to no gap in consultancy, and a 2.5% for business analysts.

Absolute IT’s director, Grant Burley, says that salaries do not even out between the sexes until much later in their careers, with the gap decreasing to 3.5% after 16-20 years.

Absolute IT claims that this is because “women tend to alter their worklife to address family care issues,” which is something the industry should better accommodate.

Finally, Burley notes that business analysis in IT is an area that is becoming more popular among women. “It’s also the top skillset ICT employers say they require this year,” showing promise for increasing female employment in the industry.

Source: Heather Wright, IT Brief, Techday Ltd.