Calls to Subsidize ICT Education for Students with Disabilities in Nigeria

Winful Clement, a visually impaired ICT teacher, recently noted the high cost of teaching students with disabilities in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria. He teaches at the Parcelly School for the Blind and Partially Sighted Children.

Visually impaired students need technological tools such as a “writing frame, typewriter, Braille machine, laptop and an application called Job Acceleration with Speed (JAWS)” to carry out their studies. He estimates that this costs up to N500,000 per student.

Clement advises including a subsidy for these costs in the Disability Bill, so that more students are able to complete tertiary schooling. Furthermore, this will ensure they have the necessary skills to secure further employment. Currently, both public and private organizations see a notable ICT skills shortage among persons with disabilities, impeding their access to jobs.

Finally, Clement recommends improving physical infrastructure for persons with disability in the country to ensure that these students are unable to reach their schools and carry out other daily tasks.

Source: Leadership, Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media