ICTs for Education in Morocco

Despite the clear evidence for the value of incorporating ICTs into teaching, many public school teachers in Morocco have not yet done so.

Some teachers, however, are setting a positive example in terms of digitizing their classrooms. For example, Mrs. Bouhamidi, a high school English teacher, uses a white active board and her laptop to help her students learn. She says this is “more motivating for my students who learn easily more than when I resort only to the textbook or to the blackboard, which was boring ten years ago.”

There are a variety of reasons why teachers have difficulty using ICT in the classroom. For example, there is often “insufficient technological equipment” or internet access in the schools. Some teachers also do not see the value in using such technology.

In response, the Moroccan Ministry of Education developed training programs for teachers to include ICT tools in their teaching. For example, the “GENIE Program” for digital literacy trained 50% of the country’s teachers who lacked computer skills. Despite the success of this program, however, the country still needs more training initiatives that connect ICT with classroom applications.

ICT is clearly an important part of the modern classroom experience, enabling students to improve their job prospects. However, incorporating ICT remains a challenge in Morocco, which the country is working hard to change.

Source: Meryem Laadem, Morocco World News