Innovation Vender Day Held in Botswana

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Innovation Vender Day was held on August 18 at The Botswana Innovation Hub Science and Technology Park. This was part of the country’s Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) month which encourages investment and research surrounding science, technology, and innovation in the country.

The event highlighted national technological and scientific inventions, particularly those that completed the Botswana Innovation Hub’s First Steps Venture Centre technology entrepreneurship development programme.

Nonofo Molefhe, the Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology, notes that citizen engagement is crucial to increasing technological innovation in the country. He hopes this and other initiatives will help young people take up careers and studies in science and technology. Finally, he sees STI month as a critical way to cultivate more active and involved digital citizens. “This is critical since traditionally most people have conditioned themselves to believe that science and technology concepts are complex and hence felt intimidated by them.”

Innovation Vender Day featured “exhibitions, panel discussions, pitch sessions and guided tours of the park” in an effort to raise awareness of and investment in scientific and technological innovations in the country.

Source: John Churu, BiztechAfrica