Four Companies Stand out in Bridging the Gender Gap

Increasingly, the trend in the tech industry is towards employing more women. Etsy, Automattic, Pinterest, and RebelMouse are four companies striving to boost the number of women in the ICT workforce.

For example, Etsy’s Hacker School scholarships have helped increase the number of female engineers at the company by 500%. This helps rectify the issue that fewer women enroll in traditional computer-science programs at universities and attracts women with expertise in other fields such as design, thereby contributing to the success of the company.

Automattic, which owns WordPress, includes more women by allowing its employees to flexible hours and work from home options.

Pinterest was one of the first companies to develop public gender diversity hiring targets for 2016. Since making this announcement in July, the number of female employees rose by 2% to 42%, compared to just 15% at Facebook.

Finally, RebelMouse also has 42% female employment in the U.S. and 35% globally. They use recruitment strategies from to help bring in women and provide flexible work hours.

According to Paul Berry, CEO of RebelMouse, “As an industry, we are known for our innovations. But we are severely outdated in the areas of developing talent and diversifying our workforce.” Tech companies must make a serious effort to promote gender diversity in order to enhance and grow the entire industry.

Source: Paul Berry, CNBC