NASCIO Releases Part 2 of its “Accessibility in IT Procurement” Series

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The National Association of Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) is a non-profit organization that represents U.S. state chief information officers and IT industry leaders. Part of their work involves providing research and publications to help CIOs and states make better decisions.

In July, the organization released Part 1 of its Accessibility in IT Procurement publication, which offers information to state CIOs on this key issue. “Part I: Issues, Challenges and a New Approach” details the importance of ICT accessibility and the overall failure of states to incorporate accessibility in public ICT procurement. It explains and emphasizes the concept of “Policy-Driven Adoption for Accessibility” (PDAA), as well as discusses specific examples of states that comply with accessibility standards such as U.S. Section 508 or the W3C Web Content Authoring Guidelines 2.0.

Part 2, released in August and entitled “The PDAA Components” offers sixe core PDAA criteria for vendors, metrics for assessing these criteria, and more detailed examples of states employing this strategy. The report also includes additional resources for those intending to adopt the PDAA model.

Click here to read the publications in full.

For more information on ICT accessibility policy, see ITU’s Model ICT Accessibility Policy Report.

Source: NASCIO