Prominent Network of Public ICT Professionals Starts Online Network

Socitm Women in IT is a new online network for public ICT professionals that endeavors to “raise the profile” of women in public sector IT positions in the UK.

Nadira Hussein, President of Socitm, decided to launch this network as part of her overall strategy of “increasing the visibility of women in the profession.” As she is also a One Oracle program manager at oneSource, she understands firsthand the pipeline and retention regarding women in the industry.

Currently the network boasts 33 members (since its launch on September 23) from the public and private sectors, both within and outside of the UK.

The high profile speakers at the network’s launch event further point to the promise of success for the project. These include Chi Onwura, the shadow minister for the digital economy and Christine Peacock, assistant director for corporate ICT for the London Borough of Hackney, among many others.

Hussein hopes to change the ICT sector’s “boys club” attitude through this initiative, as well as through research she recently commissioned on women in public sector ICT jobs. Finally, she plans to complement these projects with leadership and work experience programs.

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Source: Colin Marrs, Dods Parliamentary Communications, Ltd.