Looking to Learn to Code in the Philippines?

The Philippines is an emerging tech destination, particularly for those engaging in tele-working opportunities around the world. Interested in joining this sector in the Philippines? Here are some good places to start.

First, the coding bootcamp model has officially come to the Philippines. LearnTech Labs has a campus in the Philippines, and CodingDojo will open one soon. RareJob is a bootcamp exclusive to the Philippines that teaches PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.

Many small business owners in the Philippines may not wish to enter the tech sector as, for example, a software developer, but are looking to learn Drupal to help grow their small businesses. Drupalcamp Cebu is coming up on 7 November. This camp offers training for beginners in using this platform. In the past Forcontu offered scholarships for 7-month part-time Drupal training courses which may continue in the future.

Don’t forget about distance options for learning Drupal such as the How to Use Drupal in 7 Hours free e-book, an online Stanford University Course, and Lynda.com tutorials. See this list of other Drupal Reference Tutorial Sites for more information.

Other, more holistic distance-learning developer courses, like Free Code Camp, have incredibly active learning communities in Surigao and Manilla. This organization just launched a skills certificate programme for front end and full stack developers, which could help learners land jobs in the sector. Skillcrush is another reputable and low-cost online option.

Those looking for more traditional IT workshops and courses, should check out Orange and Bronze’s Java training, or iKompass’s courses. Active Learning and Phoenix One also hold Java classes. However, it is unclear as to whether or not these offer job placement prospects.

Already a coder? Check out devcon.ph/events to find out about upcoming events in the Philippines!