Australian Shadow Government Plans to Invest in Girls in ICT

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The Australian Labor party plans to invest AUS$4.5 million in getting girls involved in coding if they are elected.

Coding organizations like  Code Like a GirlDigiGirlz, and Code Camp would receive up to AUS$ 150,000 in grants to continue their working in bridging the tech gender gap.  Grants can go towards providing role models, networking opportunities, coding classes in schools, mentoring, and other empowering activities. Visit our Girls in ICT Portal for other related organizations.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten and secretaries Ed Husic and Terri Butler recently went to a Code Club session in Sydney. This experience, coupled with the fact that Australia will need an extra 100,000 people in the digital workforce by 2020 and currently only 1 in 10 of students enrolled in university-level IT courses are women, solidified their focus on young women learning code.

The government would also support various policies for developing the startup and STEM communities in the country, such as providing visas for entrepreneurs, qualifying 25,000 teachers in STEM education, and providing the option of a startup gap year for university students to focus on their businesses. They will also finance startups, and help startups compete with other companies to solve government challenges. Labor will cover these costs by increasing taxes for multinational corporations, among other measures.

Source: Rohan Pearce, Computerworld; Renal LeMay Delimiter