Phone case to help those who struggle with screen touch keypad

Every cloud has a silver lining and it was no different for the telecommunications engineer Richard Chan, the inventor of EziSmart. Inspired by his mother’s struggles to communicate using smartphones, Mr. Chan created a solution for those whom, for various reasons including motor coordination issues, have not been able to join the ever increasing community of smartphone users.

In their own words, “EziSmart is heavily focused on accessibility, ease of use, safety, security and emergency functions. EziSmart is made up of 3 components: Ezi-PAD, EziSmart App and an Android smartphone. Ezi-PAD is a smartphone adaptor that makes smartphones accessible for people who cannot use the touch screen or cope with the complexities of a smartphone. These issues may be caused by illness, disability or age related factors.”

As reported by Phys, the project has so far received a positive response, including from Norwegian research group SINTEF that has classified EziSmart into what they call “welfare technology”. SINTEF has been working with Richard Chan on the fifth and final prototype and production should follow.

You can learn a lot more about EziSmart on their Kickstarter campaign page, including detailed and thorough information on the whole range of products, suppliers and prototype testing.

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