Chile’s libraries fight to bridge the digital divide

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Biblioredes, a program that has existed for over 5 years in Chile, provides virtual and on site digital literacy courses to the population. It is offered by DIBAM (Dirección de Bibliotecas, Archivos y Museos) and over 400 public libraries spread around the country are equipped to offer these courses.

Last month was the time for people from Rincón Las Chilcas to receive training on basic digital literacy as well as Word, Excel and Power Point via the Laboratorio Móvil, a mobile training centre. Last year alone the region of Coquimbo (which Rincón Las Chilcas is part of) witnessed over 1300 of its locals being trained by the Biblioredes program, out of which 85% were women.

Biblioredes makes manuals available for both students and teachers here.

Additional Source: Diario la Region