ONCE Foundation and the European Social Fund join forces to help digitally train persons with disabilities

Last week, ONCE Foundation1’s body responsible for training and employment of people with disabilities, FSC Inserta, hosted free-of-charge courses in different regions of Spain to train people in digital literacy and prepare them for the labour market, making sure they can fully participate in social and work activities. ONCE Foundation has received help from the European Social Fund in this endeavour.

On November 11th, in Girona, FSC Inserta started one of those courses for 12 people with specific needs, it will last until the 30th of this month and amounts to a total of 25 hours of digital literacy. The courses for the cities of Sevilla, Zaragoza and Barcelona started on November 16th.

If you are interested and in Spain, keep an eye out for such courses!

1ONCE Foundation’s objectives are “to implement integration programmes of work-related training and employment for people with disabilities, and universal accessibility, promoting the creation of universally accessible environments, products and services”.

Sources: Te Interesa, El Economista, FSC Inserta