European Digital Jobs Fair

“It is unacceptable to see mass unemployment of young people whilst 40% of all companies trying to recruit ICT professionals in Europe report difficulties to find qualified workers. Something’s wrong there. This is a waste of human talent Europe can no longer afford.” Günther Oettinger, EU Commisioner for Digital Economy and Society (Euractiv)

Last week Madrid hosted the European Digital Jobs Fair, during which there were roundtables showcasing opportunities in ICTs as well as other careers for the youth. The speaking corner held talks about digital skills, training, recruitment among other topics. This free entry event, aimed at addressing the mismatch between job seekers and employers in the ICT sector, is part of a wider scheme named the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, an European initiative to unite all stakeholders in the ICT sector.

There is a consensus on the shortage of ICT experts that is clearly demonstrated by the many vacant ICT positions across all European countries, by 2020, the shortfall is expected to reach 825,000 IT related positions. Almost 60 companies attended this specific event and together they offered more than 800 qualified jobs. What an opportunity for young people looking for a career in ICTs!

Two other events organized by European Job Days are scheduled for the next few months.

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ITU has also published a report on Digital opportunities: Innovative ICT solutions for youth employment (available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish).