Yes, she can!

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Microsoft held an ICT training for rural girls, called “Yes she can”, at its Bangladesh Office to kick-start a series of training programmes aimed at giving students the tools to improve their future career opportunities and overall well-being. During the event, 70 lucky girls from over 60 districts were given laptops by the national government:

“A modernized system and the introduction of information technology are expected to bring rural poor children into the folds of mainstream education, and improve educator and student performance.”, Zunaid Ahmed Palak, Bangladesh’s ICT Minister. (Hifi Public)

The minister also stressed that Bangladesh’s progress in education has helped in achieving the gender parity MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) ahead of schedule.

The ICTs training programmes are set to focus on three important areas: IT, well-being and health. Developed with the joint forces of the national government, the NGO Shorno Kishoree and Microsoft, the rural girls shall be given basic IT knowledge which will enhance their learning abilities and job opportunities in the future.

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