Libraries in the UK join forces to increase digital literacy with the help of Tinder Foundation

The Tinder Foundation has been busy lately! They have just announced the 16 chosen libraries in the United Kingdom to receive funding from the Libraries Digital Inclusion Fund Project. One of the libraries that received funding, the Portsmouth Central Library, works with blind and visually impaired people and will use the partnership with Tinder Foundation to increase their services accessibility features. Warrington Library, another from the 16 libraries in the programme, will target people with low income and are more likely to be digitally excluded.

The foundation has since created a Digital Libraries Hub, a forum for libraries to share their digital experiences, successful or not, and build on each other’s knowledge. The forum also made resources available to help librarians to deliver basic digital skills along with a handbook named Doing Digital Inclusion: Libraries Handbook.

Helen Milner, the CEO of Tinder Foundation, recently delivered a speech on the opportunities and challenges that the British are now confronting: “We’re facing a new industrial revolution and digital is the architect – with all jobs and all workplaces underpinned by digital.” ( Tinder Foundation’s annual infographic also sheds the light on invaluable information for British policy-makers, such as the breakdown of characteristics of those that are offline. For instance, 57% of people over 65 years old and 49% of people with disabilities are offline.

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