Code 4 CT asking for support through equipment donations for its classrooms

Cape Town, South Africa, is home to Code 4 CT, an 18-month program designed to introduce South African girls into the world of ICTs. Girls are exposed to coding, design and soft skills to widen their spectre of career possibilities. It is another step towards empowering women to develop skills and increase their quality of life through STEM careers, fields that are not only rewarding but in heavy demand. And this a shortage that is only expected to grow.

Two events hosted by code 4 CT took place during this month, the Saturday Code Classes and the Health CodeStorm. The list of courses made available by Code 4 CT can be found here.

They have recently launched a campaign for laptop donation so they can increase their training capacities and reach a greater number of girls. Donations from both companies and citizens are welcome.

Additional Sources: Media Update, Code 4 CT