An Accessible Educational Technology guide from the Spanish government

Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports joined forces with the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI) to publish a guide on accessible educational ICTs for students with disabilities. ICTs’ potential to heighten social inclusion is widely known and recognized, nevertheless, to ensure and optimize their use, the government decided to create a guide containing best practices and a compilation of accessible technology resources.

The guide provides a curated list of published standards (such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the IMS Guidelines for Developing Accessible Learning Applications), along with directions on how to ensure that digital documents are accessible, and platforms, which are also accessible, to facilitate both the students and teachers’ experience (for instance, .Lrn by  MIT, Moodle 2.X and eXelearning 2.0).

You can find the guide, entitled Tecnologías Educativas Accesibles (Accessible Educational Technology) here.

Additional Source: Te interesa

On another note, we are pleased to say that the ITU Model ICT Accessibility Policy Report is now also available in e-book format, which you can access here.