Te(a)ch program to provide digital skills training for youth in Nunavut, Canada

The Pinnguaq Association is a non-profit technology startup that focuses on incorporating play and gaming into applications to benefit tourism, education, economic development and the preservation of indigenous languages in Nunavut Northern Canada region. In December 2016 it was selected as the 2016 Arctic Inspiration Award laureate for its te(a)ch project, which will start operating soon in collaboration with Computers for Success Canada organization.

The program will seek to address the lack of digital skills among youth in the region through the development of a multidisciplinary 52 weeks curriculum to teach programming, game design, engineering and computer science for different levels. It will be deployed in key communities across the north of the country with the support and funding of the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada program.

The curriculum was developed with the support of experts specialized in computing science, curriculum development, mental health workers and youth ambassadors.

Sources: SatPR News