TELMEX Digital Library teaches digital literacy skills to youth and adults in Mexico City

TELMEX opened a new digital library in the north of Mexico City to provide open digital literacy training for people from all ages and different educational levels. It offers access to a diverse set of information technology devices as well as in person support and different learning techniques for youth and adults whether for personal or professional development.

Visitors to the center will have free access to computers, educational gadgets and fast internet connectivity. Nine different types of workshops will be available: Digital Citizenship, Human Development, Web Design, Entrepreneurship, Academic Formation for Teachers, Digital Inclusion, Multimedia, Programming, and the “Aprende” educational platform. Up to 9,800 people will be able to benefit from the center each month.

The Biblioteca Digital Telmex hub is part of the broader Education and Digital Culture Program, which seeks to decrease the digital divide in the country through training and access to technology.

Sources: Web Adictos