ICTs for a better world

Image Source: http://rednatic.org/encuentro/index.html

Image Source: http://rednatic.org/encuentro/index.html

Save the children, along with Red Natic and Chicos.net, recently hosted “Tecnología para un mundo mejor” (Technology for a Better World) in Buenos Aires. In an effort to promote the rights of children and youth in the digital world, the event held talks among over four hundred teachers from different regions in Latin America that shared their experiences and ideas with regards to the use of technology in education and social life.

A forum for teenagers with two hundred 14-18 year old Latin Americans also took place during the event in which the students discussed ways to promote the constructive and collaborative use of the internet and the importance of ICTs to boost youth participation in society.

The event also hosted a symposium on legislation and public policy surrounding the promotion and use of ICTs in the continent.

Finally, Red Natic offered a platform for participants from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay to discuss ways to promote digital literacy, ICT accessibility and the protection of children’s internet rights.

Three projects were awarded during the event and will come into fruition during 2016. One of them was the development of an app by teenagers for teenagers with a trivia format incorporating entertainment and information on various social subjects such as nutrition and drug abuse. The programs chosen are being supported by scholarships that involve help on improving and assembling the projects through programming, gaming and advice on digital campaigns. Specialists from Chicos.net will provide help on a weekly basis and Disney provided 15,000 pesos to support each of the projects.

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