Codespace teaching South African kids in schools

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Think Ahead Education Solutions, a South African company focused on integrating education solutions into Apple products, has launched Codespace, an initiative to improve children’s digital literacy. The programme aims to teach school children the basics of computer language, and increase their technology skills through creative expression, designing and creating their own games and animations.

“Become Creators instead of consumers of technology.” (Codespace)

The programme runs as a 10-week extra-curricular activity in schools and centres the learning process around design, creativity and vital fundamental digital skills that will be increasingly essential in the future. Up to this date, over 30 South African schools have attended Codespace. Furthermore, there is a Codespace for Girls programme that focuses on inspiring girls to get into technology professions.

“CodeSpace for girls has been designed as a specific intervention to close this gap and get South African girls interested in coding and aims to encourage them to take up more STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) subjects and in the future, be able to close the gender gap within the information and technology space” says Michelle Lissoos from Think Ahead Education Solutions (IT Web)

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