Rising Voices to Perpetuate Indigenous Languages with ICTs


Photo by Agustine Sacha. Source: http://futurechallenges.org/local/mexicos-digital-challenge/

Recognizing this statement, the organization Rising Voices – a blogging and translating online global network – awarded five micro grants for digital activism projects in Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico and Nicaragua. The five chosen proposals mainly deal with teaching young members from indigenous communities to access and utilize diverse media and audiovisual content creation tools to provide a wider scope for sharing their language. Some examples of this could be local radio stations, recording podcasts, social networking or teaching their languages in open audiovisual platforms such as YouTube.

Participating projects published their proposals at the Activismo Lenguas website in order to share their experiences with other entrepreneurs. This mechanism of interaction between the group members intended to facilitate the conformation of a network for mutual support based on cultural affinities, location and similar digital platform challenges.

More information about the projects and their achievements throughout the year will be available at the Rising Voices website.

Additional Sources: Rising Voices, Activismo Lenguas