REDemplea2.0: ICT mechanisms to provide jobs for disabled people in Spain

According to data from the Spanish Observatory for Disability and the Labor Market,  in 2013 only one out of four disabled individuals in the country had an occupation. In order to address this challenge, the REDemplea2.0 employment network for rural communities has recognized the potential of ICTs to support disabled individuals to collaboratively seek for job opportunities.

Since 2011, the REDemplea2.0 – created by the Spanish Confederation of Organic and Physical Disabled People (COCEMFE in Spanish) and Vodafone Foundation – has helped more than 2,200 rural disabled persons to increase their chances of being hired. Last year, the project was implemented in 22 communities, supporting 737 residents on using diverse technology tools to find their way into the market.

The main skills taught by this network are mainly focused on digital literacy, teaching the people how to use diverse electronic equipment, perform job research via internet and website development. Additionally, the program is designed to promote the conformation of networks between disabled people in rural communities and 400 hundred affiliated firms. So far, 66% of the contracts signed by program beneficiaries have been granted to rural women

Additional Sources: Solidaridad Digital, COCEMFE, ODISMET