One Digital promoting champion intermediaries to teach digital skills in UK



One Digital is a UK-based program inaugurated in February 2016 with the purpose of teaching digital skills to people with disability and accessibility needs, young adults, aged populations and civil-social organizations. This initiative is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and is formed by six organizations, which are AgeUK, AbilityNet, Affinity Sutton, Citizens Online, Digital Unite and Scottish Council of Voluntary Organizations (SCVO).

The One Digital program recruits community mediators recognized as “Digital Champions” that provide peer-to-peer support for teaching digital skills to communities. Partner organizations will provide digital champions with structured training, tools and systematic evaluations to show them how to effectively encourage users to learn digital skills. In 2016, 1,400 Digital Champions will be trained to support 9,500 people across the UK.

This collaborative approach that includes its own governance structures, operational frameworks and permanent support between involved organizations, is intended to attract individuals who may not have strong incentives to learn how to use digital technologies. It offers long-term support for people from different communities via trusted intermediaries that support them in a one on one basis.

Additional Sources: Digital Champions Network, Go-On UK