Finding Jobs for African youth with Impact Sourcing

Digital Jobs Africa is a program implemented by The Rockefeller Foundation since 2013 with the purpose of providing sustainable employment opportunities to youth populations in Africa. It promotes digital skills training and seeks to improve the economic situation of young individuals in Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa.

The overall strategy of the program is to promote the expansion of digital job positions in diverse industries based on a favorable business environment. In order to establish the necessary conditions for this to happen, it provides digital training opportunities and promotes the hiring of young people by the private sector through a method called impact sourcing.

Impact sourcing is the intentional employment of underrepresented minorities mostly in low-income areas. According to the official website of Digital Jobs Africa, the model has succeeded mostly in South Africa due to the enforcement of regulation that incentivizes the hiring of disadvantaged youth, tax breaks and the high digital jobs’ demand at the national level.


Additional Sources: Rockefeller Foundation