Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency organizes Hackathon to promote web accessibility innovation

In March 15, Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) will host a hackathon focused on promoting awareness and enhancing web accessibility for increasing digital inclusion. The main purpose of the event is to place people from different backgrounds and skills together, in order to develop and create solutions for promoting equal internet access and services for people with disabilities.

“Simulate the Web” hackathon will offer participants workshops to learn how to create prototypes for simulating and understanding how people with disabilities use the web. Some of the factors that will be considered are color blindness, dyslexia, stress, language skills and movement disorders, among others.

The competition will be mostly centered in combining user experience, design and technology innovation to address communication impediments faced by the target groups. The best prototypes will be eligible to receive funding up to 1.7 million Swedish Kronor to implement their ideas. The event will be supported by three local organizations, which are Openlab, Stimdi and Dataforeningen.

Subscribe at Simulate the Web official webpage

Additional Sources: GAATES