Sanad Relay Center’s application offers translation services for persons with hearing disabilities in Dubai

Sanad Relay Center Application Screenshot from official website

Sanad Relay Center’s App screenshot from official website

The Sanad Relay Center is a service launched by Dubai’s Community Development Authority to provide free interpretation for sign language messages. The center, set up in partnership with Microsoft, has currently supported more than 3,000 deaf and mute individuals in the region.

Sanad Relay Center provides two main services: Communication and Consultation. The first function consists in enabling communication between users with hearing disability or speech difficulties and other receptors either by text message or video call translation. The second one is directly providing information and guidance about available services, rights, laws and regulations related to persons with disabilities. ()

In order to access the service, users download an application – available for PCs or mobile devices worldwide – and send their messages to the center’s staff. The organization either sends back the translated message or offers a translator to mediate conversations related to topics such as medical consultations, police emergencies, purchasing at stores or hiring processes. According to Khaled Al Kamda, CDA’s director general, sometimes people call the center just to be able to chat with someone.

The next steps of the project contemplate installing the system in the devices that are used to attend government’s customer service and call centers. Although finding interpreters seems to be a challenge as well, further plans are currently being analyzed to extend the service to other languages besides from English and Arabic.

Download the Sanad Relay Centre application

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