Dubai Electricity and Water Authority releases tutorial videos in sign language to address the need of persons with hearing disabilities

As part of the Smart Dubai Initiative, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has released a set of tutorial videos in sign language to share information about their major services for persons with hearing disabilities. The videos explain detailed actions such as billing enquiries or payment channels and will now support an existing live video chat service that was launched in 2014.

The video chat service – generated with the support of the Community Development Authority – allows customers with hearing disabilities to access the services of the organization and access further information about policies and procedures. As well, it generates a channel of permanent communication via a smart app that provides contact with call center staff using sign language and a human resources group to assist employees with disabilities.

 It is also important to mention that the initiative promoted by this organization is not an isolated effort, but it rather forms part of a more integral program that operates in the national level. In 2013, Dubai committed to transform the city into a disability-friendly location that encourages the full involvement of persons with disabilities among the community.

Additional Sources: DEWA, GAATES