Academia and industry collaborating to increase video game accessibility in UK and Scotland

A group of researchers from Robert Gordon University School of Computing Science and Digital Media, is currently collaborating with industry partners to increase accessibility in the design of video games and interactive digital content. The main purpose of the project is to generate links with game development companies in UK and promote the elaboration of inclusive products with the support of the academia.

Their work is currently being funded with a £3,800 award provided by the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance. The first step of the project will consist on the elaboration of two workshops in collaboration with the BBC to promote major interest both in research tasks and the industry’s perspective. Eventually, the team will develop a framework and detailed guidelines for adaptive accessibility designs that identify the needs of the users and accordingly adjust the game interaction to improve the game experience.

Taking into consideration the great relevance of Creative and Cultural Industries in the UK and Scotland -particularly in the gaming industry- promoting the generation of inclusive contents is not only basic to fully integrate persons with disabilities to the digital world, but also to the global market.

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