New feature in Twitter for persons with vision disabilities

According to Twitter’s blogpost from March 29, 2016, a new accessibility feature has been added to the application in order to “empower customers and publishers to make images on Twitter accessible to the widest possible audience.” This new functionality allows users to add descriptive information or alternative text (alt text) to the images they tweet so that it can be picked up by mobile assistive technologies that support persons with vision disabilities.

In order to enable the new feature and start adding image descriptions to your tweets, you should access the app’s settings – either from an iOS or Android device – click display and sound, followed by the accessibility button. Finally turn on the option “compose image descriptions” and it will be ready for the next time you add an image. Text descriptions can have an extension of up to 420 characters.

Additionally, the platform products were extended to the REST API and Twitter Cards in order to enable publishers and third-party clients to add alt text to images. In other words, to promote interoperability with other service providers – such as EasyChirp, Chicken Nugget and the Qube – that are used by persons with vision impairments.

Screenshot showing the procedure required to activate Twitter's Alt text

Screenshot showing the procedure required to activate Alt text

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