Saint Lucia celebrates International Girls in ICT Day by training female entrepreneurs in Digital Marketing

Preparing to celebrate International Girls in ICT Day, the Saint Lucia Coalition of Services & Industry (SLCSI) in collaboration with the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP) have launched a campaign consisting of a series of activities that will take place in April 2016. The main purpose of this initiative is to promote greater women’s empowerment in ICT processes and tools, thus increasing the participant’s opportunities to join the market and share their skills with a wider sector of the community.

The first event that will take place is a Digital Marketing training workshop for female entrepreneurs. The course participants will learn to use social media for advertising their products and services to increase their revenues. By the end of the course they will be able to use technology tools for reaching broader audiences in an efficient and cost effective manner. The overall result will be reflected in equal job opportunities and ultimately economic development for the region.

The Digital Marketing workshop is just the first component of the Women and Girls in ICT campaign. Further sessions will be organized to teach more women additional basic technology skills. Some of the future events will include a course about Effective PowerPoint Presentations and a Women in ICT Conference.

Additional Sources: Santa Lucia News Online, CARCIP