TactiX Tactile Smartphone to address the needs of persons with vision disabilities

Retrieved from TactiX Tactile Smarphone's webpage.

Retrieved from TactiX Tactile Smartphone’s webpage.

During the last few years, mobile technologies have been acquiring each day more importance in our daily lives. However, access to these devices is still limited for 285 million persons with visual impairments all over the world.

In order to address this problem, a team from Sakarya University’s Department of Computer and Education Technologies in Turkey designed a new smartphone that won last year’s Young Innovators’ Competition organized by the International Telecommunication Union. What is particularly important of this device, is that it seeks to support persons with vision disabilities to navigate through different locations without requiring further assistance.

The tactiX device operates with a Braille alphabet base thus allowing users to feel the graphics and the shape of objects in pictures taken by its camera. Additionally, the TactiX device is programmed to provide its users with information related to the color of their outfit and outline their location to facilitate a better understanding of the close environment.

The main impact of this technology is that it allows persons with vision disabilities to be more independent and have equal access to information technologies. Module versions of the device could be placed in diverse public locations – such as bus stops or malls – to facilitate easier navigation through different locations. It would also allow them to easily access web contents and mainstream social media services.

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