TalentWorks online tool to guide accessible e-recruitment practices

Talentworks Screenshot

Talentworks Screenshot

The U.S. Department of Labor with the support of the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) launched TalentWorks, a free online resource that provides guidance for organizations to ensure their web-based job applications and recruiting processes are accessible for persons with disabilities. The guidelines provided in the site are based on PEAT´s national survey for persons with disabilities, where almost half of the responded expressed difficulties applying for jobs.

TalentWorks provides information to support employers on being accessible throughout the entire Employment Lifecycle. Particularly it includes a series of tip sheets related to e-recruiting, covering topics such as job applications, digital interviews and pre-employment tests.

Building a platform to provide accessibility guidance for employers may potentially improve hiring processes thus leading to a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Considering that most of the recruitment processes have recently moved online, this sort of initiative is necessary to promote equal opportunities to access the labor market.

Visit TalentWorks platform to learn more about how to make your e-recruitment process more accessible for persons with disabilities.

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